About me:
I am a
Speed modeling, Animating,
3d  and live objects Sculptor
who animates with

Hello and welcome to Gregory  Valentine Animations.​

"I needed to communicate to the world the things that I love. I found that 2d drawing only whispers a message, whereas 3D animation shouts it"

This all started as G. Valentine Connections, 2003.  We would make and sell items through Ebay .Then through the process of transformation beacme better and more skilled at videography and wedding videos, to become G. Valentine Video Productions, This gave birth to the use of animation, a deep rooted interest and merging and mixing  withvideo, to now where we stand as Gregory Valentine Animations.

The services we provide range from conceptualized art to fully rendered 3D animations.

Various types of animation ranging from interior design to character creation even to more recently medical diagrams and video renderings of cancers.


Again, I welcome you to my site encourage you  join this site follow me on facebook  and send me your ideas, where we can work together to re-create  a dream. "You know the one you just had the other day that's still stuck in your head?".